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Attractive holiday offers for your Rügen holiday

Wellness, hiking, enjoyment
Rügen is always worth a trip. With our multifaceted holiday offers for all seasons, we hope to arouse your interest in our island.

At the dawn of spring, when the first rays of sunshine caress your skin, the rapeseed competes with the sun and the poppies bloom.


In summer, when the sea is the right temperature for swimming, water sports enthusiasts can indulge in their hobby, ice cream tastes tastiest in the sun and a fresh breeze is always blowing across the sea at the highest temperatures.

In autumn, which transforms the island into a colorful sea of leaves and the migratory birds gather, which spoils us with late summer days and fantastic sunsets.

Short break from everyday life!

2 nights in a double room
Including breakfast buffet
for €129.90
Not available on all WE,
bookable from September to May.